Nancy Mullane is an investigative journalist, writer and photographer. She has produced feature radio stories for This American Life, National Public Radio, Marketplace, Latino USA, and the NPR affiliates KALW News and KQED in San Francisco. In 2012, Mullane co-founded the bi-weekly podcast, Life of the Law and served as the project’s Executive Director until 2018.  Mullane is on the Board of the Northern California Chapter of the Society for Professional Journalists where she serves as Board liaison to the San Quentin Satellite Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

As an investigative reporter Mullane uncovered the Pentagon's under-reporting the number of soldiers going AWOL, or Absent Without Leave, during the war in Iraq; a for-profit business selling breast milk donated by mothers; and was the first reporter in 10 years to have exclusive access to report on men serving condemned sentences on California's Death Row. 

In 2007, while on a general assignment for a report on prisons in California, Mullane made a key discovery that would redirect the focus of her reporting to prisons. In June of that year, she was given press clearance to report on California's prisons from inside San Quentin State Prison. On her first visit she met a dozen men serving life sentences for murder. She discovered, based on a California law passed in 1988, that inmates found suitable for parole by the state's Board of Parole Hearings were having their "dates" of freedom reversed by the Governor.

In 2008, Mullane was awarded a Soros Justice Media Fellowship by the Open Society Foundations to investigate the 20 year impact of governor review and reversal of parole in California.  Her reporting led to a documentary report on This American Life. The report, "Long Shot," which in 2010 was awarded a National Edward R. Murrow Award. 

Mullane's first non-fiction book, Life After Murder: Five Men In Search of Redemption, was published in 2012 by PublicAffairs. In 2013, Mullane was awarded the National Council on Crime and Delinquency’s, Media for a Just Society Book Award.  In 2014, Penal Reform International presented Mullane with an international award for her reporting on individuals serving death sentences.

Mullane lives in San Francisco with her partner Dennis and two big, lovable dogs.